QMC Jörg Koch

Weberstr. 47
D-78589 Dürbheim

+49 (0)176 629 469 67

Would you like excellent advice on optimizing your process and quality structures? Are you looking for a project manager who is able to find solutions to problems that span several topics?
For further information please write to me or just give me a call!

Structured approach

With his structured approach, Jörg Koch has been a valuable contact not only for his commissioned SQE activity, but also for other quality-relevant areas. He also proved this in short training sessions for the development team. He always cultivated a friendly and at the same time determined relationship with external partners and was thus able to implement the SQE requirements for Schaeffler very well. We would like to thank Mr. Koch for his commitment and would like to use him again for corresponding projects if required.

Ludwig Faschingbauer, IT/SWE-Q; Ulrich Klüpfel, SP/SWE-YJP; Rüdiger Borst, SZ/SWE-QID

Professional support

Jörg Koch convinces with his expertise in the field of supplier development as well as with his solution-oriented and objective personality.
A professional support, to which we gladly fall back again!

Georg Sieber, StM/P-PQ1

Solving lots of Issues

Dear Jörg,
thanks for joining our team and solving lots of issues. So I would like to thank you for your accompany and do wish you the best for you and your business. Hoping to keep in touch!

Gert Heidenreich, TD2.2D3F

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